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arl-shipping.com Limited, based in Hong Kong, provides innovative and configurable e-Services to the global transport community.  

ARL Consulting

ARL Consulting B.V., IT developer headquartered in Rotterdam, leverages its insight in the shipping & transport industry with its IT delivery capability in the Siberian Silicon Valley, by taking upon themselves medium-size and larger, scalable, custom built IT projects.

ARL’s director-team Rene, Shamil and Evgeny discuss Novosibirsk, Russia, the location of ARL’s development centre.

e-Services Characteristics

arl-shipping.com's e-Services are the best in class, within the area of each service, maintains a focused scope and allow co-existance with other leading solutions.

e-Services Business Areas

  • Container Terminals 
  • Shipping Lines
  • Freight Forwarders
  • NVOCCs
  • Container Lease & Sales Organisations
  • Bulk, Tank and General Purpose Terminals
  • Port Communities
  • Transport Associations
  • Ro-Ro & Short-Sea Transport Providers
  • Cruise, Ferry and Ro-Ro Terminals
  • Depots and Inland Storage Yards

Novosibirsk city

Novosibirsk is the third most populous city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg and the most populous city in Asian Russia, with a population of 1,523,801 (2013). It is the administrative center of Novosibirsk Oblast (Novosibirsk region) as well as of the Siberian Federal District. The Novosibirsk region area is approximately 2 times smaller than area of Germany, and in terms of population it is about 30 times smaller. The Novosibirsk city is located in the southwestern part of Siberia on the banks of the Ob River adjacent to the Ob River Valley, near the large water reservoir formed by the dam of the Novosibirsk Hydro Power Plant and occupies an area of 502.1 square kilometers (193.9 sq mi). The city is informally known as the "Capital of Siberia".

Novosibirsk. Siberia. Timelapse & Hyperlapse from ontheroofs on Vimeo.



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