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Optimisation for Ports

Visual planning of game plan

Visual planning of port call proformas: berth space and timings for container, general cargo, dry and liquid bulk, ro-ro, cruise and supply vessel terminals.

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Visual planning of terminal berth in space and time for multi-purpose, tank, bulk, ro-ro, car-carrier, cruise or general cargo terminals

Plan vessels' arrivals and departures to your berths with a visual tool. Easy planning for vessels positioning at a part of the berth suitable for the expected vessel type, whether this is tank, bulk, ro-ro, car carrier, container vessels, cruise liner or general cargo vessels.

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Manage proforma vessel schedules and compare with actual ones.

Manage proforma vessel schedules; compare actual vessel calls with proforma.

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Maintain vessel call bookings, plan for port arrival and departure, follow progress and keep other stakeholders informed

Vessel operators' call bookings are received throughout the day; some are new calls, some are changed ETA/ETDs and some calls, which were supposed to be booked are still outstanding. You do your best to assign pilots, tug boats and other supporting... Read more


Book, plan and monitor fulfillment of marine services provided to vessels in port

Log marine services orders for delivery to vessels arriving in your port. Keep track of the orders and stay up-to-date on the latest estimated vessel arrival from the port agent, and receive notification upon vessel actual arrival. Monitor fulfilment of orders.

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Managing ports and terminals shore-side and sea-side resources according to vessels ETA/ETD

Automate the planning of resources, whether it is cranes, people or facilities in your port or your terminal; refresh the planned resources as vessels' ETA/ETD change and share your plan with your colleagues and external stakeholders.

Resource Demand Manager provides you with: -your own... Read more




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