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Berthing Planner Light

Berthing Planner Light, EUR 75/ month +EUR 4,50/ vessel call*

Include (mandatory)

Basic graphical berth planner for multiple users sharing a single berthing plan, including basic berthing performance measurements, and operator agent berth plan sharing and website publish features via arl-space.com.

  • Graphical horizontal berth and timeline matrix
  • Berth configuration (berth type, names, colour, berth marks, bollards, mooring buffers)
  • Plan unavailable berth
  • Vessel port calls
  • Basic vessel specifications (LOA, beam and vessel type)
  • Vessel arrival and departure draft condition
  • Vessel operator (agent)
  • Berthing direction (starboard, portside, beam)
  • Drag and drop berth planning in time and space
  • Vessel operator and port call colouring
  • Basic planning conflict warnings (berth space overlap, ETD/ETA overlap, vessel type conflict)
  • Import vessel port calls from Excel/CSV
  • Planned berthing performance measurements
  • Berth and terminal utilisation performance measurements
  • Berthing plan operator sharing @arl-space.com
  • Berthing plan web-site publishing @arl-space.com

Note: Usage fees for arl-space.com collaborative platform and other arl-shipping.com apps are not included.

*vessel length 50 meters and above

**entails sign-up for arl-space.com, additional fees applies, if not already signed-up

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Get the cloud Berthing Planner first month EUR 75,- flat fee*
*no additional up front subscription or usage fees applies