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Resource Demand Manager


Managing ports and terminals  shore-side and sea-side resources according to vessels ETA/ETD and work shifts.

Automate the planning of resources, whether it is cranes, people or facilities in your port or your terminal; refresh the planned resources as vessels' ETA/ETD change and share your plan with your colleagues and external stakeholders.

Resource Demand Manager provides you with: 

  • your own set of resources reflecting type of planning work your department/ function carries out
  • rules for automatic forecast of resource volumes per vessel type, size, shipping line or service
  • automatic accumulated forecast of resources volumes across whole port or terminal
  • instantly refreshed resource forecast whenever ETA/ETD changes
  • graphic overview of forecasted resource peaks 
  • planning of individual resources
  • exception management-style adjusted planning of auto-forecasted resources
  • overview of accumulated resources necessary per shift
  • overview of accumulated planned resources per type
  • calculation of planned resource utilization
  • distribution of forecasted and planned resources to internal and external stakeholders
  • interface to LMS, labour management system

For more details, check the process support overview to get an impression of how the resources are managed.

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Hot FAQ about ARL Resource Demand Manager

What if ETA & ETD change?

That is the whole point of computer supported resource planning - ETA and ETD ARE changing! You just need to update information and  resources will be distributed correctly to the appropriate time slots.

If the ETA/ETD are maintained in a separate system, import an XML file with fresh ETA/ETDs into the ARL Resource Demand Manager. 

How can I share the resource plan with my colleagues?

ARL Resource Demand Manager creates an excel matrix with time and resource count per resource type, which you can email or fax to your colleagues and partners. You can also import forecast overview as a pdf file.

What if I use a Labour Management System (LMS) to manage my people resources?

Resource Demand Manager produces an XML file which you can import into your LMS (assuming it can read the format provided) and do your detailed people assignments, salary and overtime management.

What does it cost?

Each deployable solution is charged a license fee depending on the size of your terminal or port operations, which includes one year free support & maintenance. After expiry of one year support & maintenance you will be offered yearly support & maintenance at a cost of 15% of the current license fee.



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