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Offer your customers self-booking on the internet. Manage your capacity online. An easy-to-deploy e-Business solution for your transport offering! Your business; powered by e-Book.

Schedules, Freight Quotes and Bookings online on your website, powered by  Get started without any investments and without waiting time. See how this works.

Get onsite or off-site assistance while implementing an IT supported low-cost-carrier-style business, whether it is in the form of presentations, pilot workshop or class room style training, or get an onsite consultant to work as part of your implementation team. Or take ownership yourself and get offsite support from the ARL team. We are here to help your business!

Download  ARL e-Book flier. For more details, check the process support overview - there you can find deployment scenarios for your type of transport company.

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e-Book is the third module in ARL commercial e-business package, which ends at a full yield solution:

How about going all the way? Do what the low-cost-airlines have done for years: Apply dynamic pricing to balance utilization across popular and less popular departures. Check out the e-Yield suite.

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Hot e-Book FAQ - e-Business for Transport Industry

Will my customer get 'fully booked' all the time?

That is the ultimate e-Book goal. e-Book always provides the customer with the best booking choices taking his requirements into account. Fully booked departures are simply left out, and instead the customer gets a choice to pick any of the nearest departures with free space for his cargo. The customer always gets a choice!

Do I get to know when bookings are confirmed?

You can setup and decide for yourself, if you get an auto-email every time a booking is confirmed. Alternative you can go and check the booking log yourself, or extract a booking list. You can also send e-mails to service point contacts (agents) or service/trade contracts (trade managers). 

What about a load list?

Just a click away. Extract and print, or re-import into your operational system.

How do I swap allocation from one booking agent to another?

Central booking systems means central capacity management. This is the best way for securing high utilization as all booking channels (booking agents) are kept open until last space is booked on a particular departure.

Can my booking agents no longer take bookings?

It is all up to you, how you run your business. In order for the central capacity management engine to keep track of space available anybody who commits to booking must enter a booking in the online booking engine; your booking agent is no different.

Can I re-use the booking data in my operational system?

You can re-import the booking list generated by e-Book, or you can format the automatic e-mails in accordance with message import standards in your operational system.

How does the system know when I am fully booked?

e-Book keeps track of the number of booked units compared with the available capacity for any transport vehicle. And it keeps track of the rules you have setup for alternative cargo, for example, if a 40DRY can be loaded instead of 2 x 20DRY.

Does my customer get a booking confirmation?

Yes. First the customer will get an online booking confirmation on the web-site, including a unique booking number. A few minutes later the customer receives an e-mail confirmation with all booking details. The e-mail is sent from your address as setup in the e-Book back office.

Can I pre-allocate space for my VIP customer?

No, not directly in e-Book. You can though leave out some space from e-Book's capacity management system and reserve this space for your VIP customers. But you risk lower utilization if those customers don't use the reserved space.

Can I only accept bookings against pre-payment?

You choose yourself whether it is a requirement for your customers to do payment prior to accepting a booking.

How are pre-payments done?

By credit card - note that the credit card provider charges a percentage of the charged amount as their fee, in return for giving you the benefit of instant payments.

What does it cost?

Majority of costs is a fee per business unit, for example,  per booked container or trailer; less than EUR 5 per unit. You pay as you use - the more benefits to you, the more fees.

What are the start-up fees?

Zero, as long as a minimum volume is committed. You pay-as-you-use, no software investments.

Can I really do all this from my own website?

Yes, you can, because you are powered by First you upload your website fonts and colours to the e-Book engine; then you embed the booking engine into your website  - all described in details in the documentation. Your website administrator will manage it easily.

How do I get started using e-Book?

As soon as you have signed up and paid the initial invoice, you can start setting up the e-Book parameters and go live as soon as you are confident that your business is running smoothly. Optionally you can request implementation assistance from ARL team, for example, a pilot workshop, an onsite consultant, who deploys e-Book for you, and hand-over maintenance to your team, leaving you in good and safe hands at all times.




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