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e-Quote - Give Freight Quotes Online!


Let your quote desk spend their time on something more valuable than reading up standard rates from a spreadsheet to your customer on the phone.

Issue online freight quotes from your own website, powered by e-Quote. No software investments, just a modest quote transaction fee per quote issued.

Download the  ARL e-Quote flier.

See how this works. For more details check the process support overview including deployment scenarios for transport providers.

Are you ready to start? Sign-up to use e-Quote.

e-Quote is the second module in ARL commercial e-business package, which ends at a full yield solution.

How about a full commercial e-business package for transport covering schedules, freight quote, capacity management, and bookings? Check out the e-Book e-business transport package. 

Or go all the way. Do what the low-cost airlines have done for years: Apply dynamic pricing to balance utilization across popular and less popular departures. Check out the e-Yield suite.

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  • e-Book: Offer your customers self-booking on the internet. Let your IT platform manage your capacity.
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Hot FAQ for using ARL e-Quote for Online Freight Quotes

Can I see which quotes have been issued?

Yes. All quotes are logged in the e-Quote back-office, available for your analysis and follow-up...and who they have been issued to? If you choose so, all customers requesting an online freight quote will have to identify themselves prior to receiving the quote.

Do I have to update all my rate sheets again?

ARL e-Quote maintains corridor indexed product prices - a bit like you probably already do, even if by using Excel to create your rate sheets. Only a few necessary updates are required, and then all corridors/ product combinations are priced automatically.

Can I still add surcharges?

Sure, you can add surcharges to the base rate, and you can choose whether the customer will get an all-in rate or a detailed breakdown of all charges.

How about pick-up and delivery charges?

If you have selected the e-Schedule door-door add-on, e-Quote automatically calculates pick-up and delivery charges based on distance tables or expected duration.

Can I price same corridor with different rates depending on service?

You can define characteristics and price independently for multiple services covering partly or fully same corridors. So you can, for example, price a low transit time service higher than an economical speed service covering the same corridor.

What if my customer wants the quote in writing?

The quote engine sends the quote by email on request - sent from your email address, as setup in e-Quote back office by you.

Can I give special rates to certain customers?

All customers get the same rate. This is also the reason why login is not required.

What does it cost to use e-Quote for Freight Quotes on my web-site?

EUR 1 per quote issued, plus a modest subscription fee for using ARL e-Schedule.

What are the start-up fees for using ARL e-Quote?

Zero - no investments at all. Just a modest contribution reflecting the money you save every time e-Quote spares your freight quote desk from a phone call.

When can I start using e-Quote?

As soon as you have signed up and paid the initial invoice, you can start setting up the e-Quote parameters and go live a few days after that.

How do I include e-Quotes to my own website?

First, you upload your website fonts and colours to the e-Quote engine; then you embed the e-Quote engine into your website  - the process is described in details in the e-Quote documentation. Your web-site administrator will deal with it easily.




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