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e-Schedule - Departures and Arrivals on the Net!


Bring your schedules online. Take the first step to offering e-business for your transport service.

Your online up-to-date schedule published on your web-site and powered by ARL online schedule engine. Available around the clock, easy to set up, - and for the reasonable monthly subscription fee. Outsource your information desk to web-hosted services, save your time and money. You run your transport business, we do IT for you.

See how this works.

Download  ARL e-Schedule flier. See the e-Schedule  Press Release.

For more details, check the process support overview. There you can find implementation scenario for your type of the company.

Are you ready to start? Sign-up to use e-Schedule.

e-Schedule is the first module of ARL commercial e-business platform for transport providers. Next one is e-Quote, freight quotes delivered to your customers from your web-site, powered by ARL e-Quote Platform - take a look!

How about a full commercial e-business package for transport covering schedules, freight quote, capacity management and bookings? Check out the e-Book e-business transport package. 

Or go all the way. Do what the low-cost-airlines have done for years: Apply dynamic pricing to balance utilization across popular and less popular departures. Check out e-Yield suite.

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  • e-Quote: let your quote desk spend their time on something more valuable than reading up standard rates from a spreadsheet to your customer on the phone.
  • e-Book: offer your customers self-booking on the internet. Let your IT platform manage your capacity.
  • e-Yield: dynamic pricing for higher yield and balanced utilization!

Hot FAQ e-Schedule

What does it cost?

A fixed monthly fee of EUR 100.

Can't I just publish a spreadsheet with my full service?

e-Schedule is the first step for you to implement an e-business platform focused on your customers requirements rather than sharing your internal operational setup. Give customers specific schedules they are looking for. The customers do not need to know about your whole internal schedule, only the corridors of their own interest.

Do i have to type in all my schedules?

e-Schedule automatically creates your schedule based on the characteristics of your repetitive transport pattern, whether you have multiple daily departures, or bi-weekly rotations. No unnecessary typing; no unnecessary maintenance.

Does my customer know when to deliver cargo?

The departure service point cut-off and destination availability is what e-Schedule emphasizes towards the customer, even if departure and arrival date and time also are displayed. Focus is on what is relevant to the customer.

Does e-Schedule also supports pick-up and delivery?

Yes. Just select the optional door-door module and you can add pick-up and delivery time to the transport expectations offered to the customer.

What are the start-up fees?

Zero - no investments at all. Just a modest monthly fee and you enter the world of transportation e-business.

How long does it take to get started?

You can be up an running live within 24 hours of paying the subscription fee.

Where is the schedule published?

On your own web-site using your own web-sites colours & fonts.




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