Terminal Yard



IT platform to manage containers on your yard.

Yard miniInventory platform keeps track of inventory on your yard or depot, including update of gate and quay side operations and  yard-to-yard moves.

It produces a number of lists and reports, for example load lists, pick-up lists, etc.

Mistakes prevention is one of the benefits you get with Yard miniInventory.  System checks all data you input and stops you from entering wrong information. For example, it won't let you mark the container as placed in the third tier if the first two are still empty. It also carefully checks all container numbers and informs you if some rules are broken.

Yard miniInventory is a web-based system. It is available on the internet, which means you can manage your container yard from any place you like. You just need a PC connected to the internet with a browser installed.

Tell me more

Sign up for a free online demo - duration is approximately one hour.

Download a  mini-Inventory flier.

Read ARL Yard mini-Inventory  Press Release.


What does it cost?

A flat fee per container move - 35 euro-cent per move.

What container lists can the system produce?

The platform can produce:

  • simple lists of planned work, such as a load list for a specific vessel, a list of containers ready for gate pick-up
  • special cargoes lists, such as live reefers list for checking of connections

What if I need more users?

Easy! You just create them yourself without even involving ARL support team. All users share the same yard inventory.

What are the start-up fees?

Zero. As long as a minimum volume is committed and paid for in advance, there are no start-up fees.




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