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RTG Planner


Calculate volume of RTGs required for next shifts based on yard impact time of planned quay crane operations in container terminals

You know your arriving vessels' ETA/ETD, expected container volumes and assigned cranes; maybe you have planned the quay crane activities in details. What you don't know is when exactly the yard activities will happen and how many yard moves need to be done within each time slot. The ARL RTG Planner gives you the answer!

Avoid bottlenecks as well as low productivity gaps; trim your RTG deployments, cease over-deployments, reduce idle time & bunkers consumption and increase RTG productivity. The ARL RTG Planner picks up data from your TOS and gives credible and dependable forecast you can base your RTG & shift deployment decisions on.

Easy to read chart display shows RTG volumes required per time slot reflecting yard impact time, enabling you to plan 8 to 24 hours ahead.

ARL RTG Planner:

  • Calculates required volume of RTG based on vessels' ETA/ ETD, expected volumes, assigned quay cranes and planned moves
  • Overviews per time slot for 8, 12, and 24 hours horizon
  • Recalculates frequently, reflecting TOS updates
  • Shows RTG deployment volume and productivity dependency
  • Instantly calculates prime mover waiting time for multiple decreased deployment scenarios
  • Identifies low-productivity gaps for housekeeping planning

A decision support tool for RTG container terminals.

See how ARL RTG Planner works and looks like in RTG Planner Process description. Sign-up for a scheduled online demo  to experience for yourself how ARL RTG Planner will add value to your business. Download pdf ARL RTG Planner flier.


How are RTG volumes calculated?

ARL RTG Planner imports vessels' ETA/ETD, assigned quay cranes and container volumes, as well as concrete quay crane work queue if planned, and takes into account your yard geometry and driving rules in order to assess the yard impact time for the RTG.

What does it cost?

Each terminal is charged a license fee in accordance with the size of the operations. The license includes one year free support & maintenance, which can be extended at a yearly cost of 15% of the license fee.

Alternatively the RTG Planner can be leased on a yearly plan.

Find out more at ARL RTG Planner Frequently Asked Questions



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