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Shift Performance


Measure Operational Performance after Completion of each Working Shift

Measure shift performance on the terminal, after the shift has been completed.

The Shift Performance platform is a hosted platform, which you access using secure personal credentials, and pay for in accordance with your usage. The performance measurements are generated automatically by a TOS-reader (terminal operating system) deployed next to your TOS, pushing selected performance data to the hosted Shift Performance platform.

See which measurements and features are included in the ARL Shift Performance platform on the features page. Download a pdf Shift Performance flier

Shift Performance Light

A couple of key performance measures allowing you to get started with automatic & online measuring of your shifts' performance, and to share the performance measurements with external stakeholders.

Includes performance measurements for:

  • RTG Productivity
  • Truck Move Excess Time

Shift Performance Standard

Provide a full range of shift performance measurements like container moves per size/ type, full/ empty, handling type, weight class, operator and discharge port, and quay crane timings, quay crane productivity, ETA/ETD and port stay

Full Shift Performance

A set of advanced performance measurements focusing on a range of transfers and connecting calls measures, yard and gate moves related to the vessel call, and yard activity per vessel bay.

Partner collaboration via arl-space.com

The performance measurements are automatically made available on the terminal's arl-space.com account, providing a textual interface for accessing performance data and plugging into arl-space.com's collaborative powers, providing amongst others:

  • share performance measurement with selected arl-space.com partners
  • filter shared performance data context, f.ex. by shipping line or service
  • filter shared performance data richness, f.ex. selecting/ deselecting the shared elements of performance data
  • notify stakeholders on their "wall", when new measurements are available
  • message stakeholders by email, when new measurements are available
  • publish automatically in a public web-site widget
  • publish automatically in terminals corporate facebook or twitter page

Enriched performance display from your collaborative platform, arl-space.com

Whilst the default Call Performance product include sharing of textual performance data with partners on the arl-space.com collaborative platform, a number of optional arl-space.com features will provide an even richer experience when analysing performance data:

arl-space.com performance online report generator feature

Allow arl-space.com group to generate adhoc reports, see more

arl-space.com performance timed report generator feature

Allow arl-space.com group to generate & distribute timed reports, see more

arl-space.com performance KPI & traffic light

Set KPI benchmarks in arl-space.com and receive visual traffic light measurements in accordance with set KPIs, see more

arl-space.com performance dashboard

Combine performance reports and KPIs into a (or multiple) dashboards providing a single-screen graphical monitor for call performance, see more

arl-space.com trend analysis

Analyses trends of performance data across multiple calls, shifts or time units, see more


What is starting price?

EUR 99 per month plus EUR 1 per shift.

What do I need to do to get started?

You need to sign-up on xxx and select the feature you require. Please provide an IT contact person, who can assign the ARL-team with deploying the TOS-reader..

When can i start?

As soon as you have signed up, you will receive an invoice with first 3 months' subscription fee for the selected features, and the ARL-team will start coordinating the TOS-reader installation with your IT contact person. When your payment is received, the TOS-reader will be installed and you will get login to the hosted platform and will receive performance measurements immediately.




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