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Yard Clash Predictor


Yard clashes on sea-side container terminals: Identify, re-plan, eliminate

Your quay crane planning for next shift's vessels is done. Most containers have been received and are ready on the yard. You are ready for a shift with record setting performance. And then again: Are you? Will your planned sequence of quay crane moves, your trimmed down, high performance yard equipment be able to keep their performance high and execute their moves in time for the quay cranes to work uninterrupted at the highest pace?

Only one way to ensure this: Identify and eliminate yard equipment clashes before they get a chance to interupt your quay crane performance.

The Yard Clash Predictor is a cloud app, accessed using secure personal credentials, and paid for according to the amount of yard activitiy in your facility. Information from your TOS is picked up on-the-go by a small software agent and passed to the cloud app giving you a textual clash list or graphical clash icons displayed on top of a yard-map (your own yard) sorted by amount of time left for the clash to occur, by impact (amount of delay caused) or by magnitude (amount of moves involved).

When the clash is identified, stakeholders (QC and yard planners) can take action to avoid the clash from occuring, leading to uninterrupted operations of your quay cranes and avoiding yard trucks queuing up.

Automatic, Control Centre Monitor

Once the TOS agent is running, yard clashes are identified 100% automatically. You can run the yard clash predictor in control centre monitor mode on a large screen in your operations centre and pay attention only when a yard clash is detected and displayed.

Clash Types

Yard clashes for a single vessel, single quay crane, also called "congestion" clashes: Moves planned for same quay crane requiring too many moves from same yard location about the same time
Yard clashes for a single vessel, but involving multiple quay cranes: Two or more quay cranes planned for same vessel requiring moves from same yard location about the same time.
Yard clashes involving multiple vessels: Two or more quay cranes planned for multiple vessels requiring moves from same yard location about the same time.
Illogical handling sequence clash: Moves planned from same yard location about the same time in a sequence entailing potential house keeping moves.

Start Light and Economical

Detect single and multiple quay crane(same vessel) yard clashes for just EUR 150 per month  plus transaction fees depending on amount of yard activities, including automatic performance measurements counting the amount of yard clashes.

Rich Features

Yard Clash Predictor Standard edition add congestion yard clashes and multi-vessel yard clashes and add performance measurements for your capability to attend yard clashes timely. The optional yard view allow you to display yard clashes in an uploaded yard map reflecting your actual terminal with easy graphical access to yard clashes.

Hints for Clash Prevention

Consult the online user documentation to get hints for prevention of detected clashes.


How are yard clashes detected before they occur?

By calculating the yard impact time of all planned quay crane moves, identifying all moves scheduled to take place at the same place at the same time.

Can I see the result of re-planning or household moves?

Yes. As soon as you have replanned your quay crane move sequence or completed a household move in your TOS, the agent refresh the TOS data, and the Yard Clash Predictor app confirms, that the clash will no longer occur.

Can't I just assign more yard cranes to avoid the clashes?

No, this won't resolve the predicted yard clashes, as the Yard Clash Predictor takes into the account the safety distance between working yard cranes and only predict a clash for moves within an area, where only one single yard crane can operate safely.

What if discharge moves are dynamically assigned to a yard block by the TOS?

If the TOS dynamically assigns a yard block to the discharge move, it is the task of the TOS to ensure that a yard block without work congestion is assigned; hence avoiding clashes. The Yard Clash Predictor will still identify yard clashes for planned load moves, avoiding quay crane waiting time.

Any yard clashes the tool can not predict?

The Yard Clash Predictor predicts clashes happing in the near future based on planned work (quay crane and other work queues). If unplanned moves occur on your yard, or other incidents influencing the normal yard crane productivity, the Yard Clash Predictor will give less advance warning prior to the clash happening.




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