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Yard Clash Predictor Light, EUR 150/month +EUR 0,50/ 1000 yard container handles


Light edition include single quay crane clashes, and clashes for multiple quay crane working on the same vessel.

  • Setup yard equipment handling speed
  • Yard equipment safety distance setting
  • Single QC crane clashes (congestion clashes)
  • Multi QC crane clashes (same vessel)
  • Hosting, self-user administration & e-mail support
  • TOS-connectivity via an "agent" self-installed (no onsite visit required)
  • TOS-agent self-configure allowed data elements
  • TOS-agent self-maintained data encryption
  • Clash detection performance measurements
  • Textual performance data by record
  • Intranet web-site publish and graphical report on performance data @arl-space.com

Note: usage fees for arl-space.com collaborative platform are not included, please consult arl-space.com portal.

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