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Signing up

When is the system available after sign-up?

After you sign-up, an invoice will be emailed to you and the ARL-team will get in contact with your technical TOS representative in order to prepare for the TOS-reader installation. Upon receipt of your payment, the TOS-reader is installed and access to the system provided. 

What if I like to add or remove some selectable features after sign-up?

Ask the ARL customer support team ( to add/ remove selectable features. The changes will be reflected on your next invoice.

Can I terminate my sign-up?

You can terminate anytime after signing up. When you terminate, your access to the system will be removed and no more transaction fees will apply. Your 3 months advance subscription fee is not refunded.

Costs and Payment

What does it cost?

A fixed monthly subscription fee and a transaction/ volume fee depending on the business volume for the version and features you have selected on the sign-up page. 

How about deployment costs?

As the platform is hosted, it is already installed and ready to use. No seperate fees are charged for installing the TOS reader to a standard TOS, provided your technical TOS contact is constructive and helpful.

If your TOS is less known, contains some custom variants, which specifically need to be addressed, or if you need some proprietary features or include custom data, some initial deployment fee may apply.

Do I have to pay for support & maintenance?

Free support by email to a reasonable degree and maintenance is included already.

When are fees due?

Invoices are sent monthly with a due date 10 days after sending.

Monthly subscription fees are invoiced 3 months in advance; transaction fees are invoiced the following month.

Any other costs?

Costs for using collaborative platform is not included.

If you pay your fees late, interest costs and late-payment-admin fees applies. If paid late repeatedly, access to the platform will be terminated temporarily or permantly. If you are unable to pay within 10 days of receiving the invoice, you are welcome to pay an advance lumpsum up front, which will be deducted on invoices, securing that you will avoid interest costs and late-payment-admin fees.

Security & Privacy

Who can access my hosted application?

Only your own logins using proper credentials can access your data. ARL-team can access your data for support purposes only. Only logins from one single domain (selected by you) can access your data. Your coordinator can maintain your own logins yourself, i.e. delete, add users or change password.

How is access to the hosted platform secured?

Access is secured by personal userids (=email) plus a personal password.

Can somebody get hold of the data transferred from my TOS?

Data sent from your TOS-reader to the hosted platform is encrypted in accordance with your own encryption key. Upon arrival to the hosted platform, the data is decrypted, again, using your own encryption key.

How is data transferred to collaborative platform secured?

Data sent from the hosted platform published to is encrypted using ARL's encryption key. Upon arrival to, the data is decrypted, using ARL's encryption key.

Can I make my own back-up of the data?

You can use the excel export feature to make your own back-up. ARL-team is anyhow regularly backing up all data to allow for restore in case of hosting platform failure. Additional you can sign-up for an Escrow agreement with ARL's reputable 3rd party Escrow provider, who will safeguard the software as well as your data securing your business continuancy.



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