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Lashing Operation Planning: Optimize your lashing assignment scenario, plan cost effective lashing, follow execution progress and measure the results. 

Can your lashing gangs operate more efficiently? Can they work on multiple vessels with overlapping portstay? Can you assign specific lashing tasks and can you monitor the actual progress at all times?

ARL Lashing Planner can. And more than that.

ARL Lashing Planner:

  • create optimized lashing work scenario with lashing gang and lashing cage assignments
  • plan lashing team transfer between vessels
  • reduce costs; minimize number of human resources required
  • ensure that all lashing tasks are covered during vessel's load and discharge
  • visualize completed lashing operations and provide status overview
  • generate lashing gangs assignment reports in various formats: PDF, XLS, TXT, XML
  • integrates smoothly with in-house terminal operating systems (TOS)

Use ARL Lashing Planner to optimize the lashing operational flow and cover the lashing tasks with minimum number of staff & equipment! Get a glimpse of the ARL Lashing Planning Tool right here - see the vessel-view and the gang-view.

Sign-up for a scheduled online demo for you to experience and discover how the ARL Lashing Planner will add value to you - duration approximately one hour. 

Request a quote of the ARL Lashing Planner and download  ARL Lashing Planner flier. See the  Lashing Planner press release.


What if ETA & ETD is changing?

That's the whole point of a computer supported planning - ETA and ETD IS changing! You will be able to adjust lashing assignment scenario in an instant and keep up the effective work.

How can I share the lashing plan with my colleagues?

The ARL Lashing Planner allow for multiple users to access the current lashing plan online using an internet browser, and need be the Lashing Planner stores the current lashing plan in various formats (PDF, XLS, TXT, XML) which is easily shared by email or fax with colleagues and partners.

What does it cost?

Each installation is charged a license fee depending on the size of the terminal, including first year's free support & maintenance - it starts at just USD 20K. After expiry of one year support & maintenance you can choose the yearly support & maintenance at a cost of 15% of the license fee.


ROI Calculator

Throughput, TEU a year:
Lasher cost, EUR per hour:
Lashers per QC today:
QC average productivity, moves/hour:
40' containers, % from total:

Terminal name:

Expected ROI period, months:

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