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Graphical Bayplan and Load/Discharge Confirmation under the QC and in the QC Cabin

A tablet running Quay Crane Visualiser

You have planned your loading and discharge sequence; printed and dispatched the bayplans to your hatch clerk under the crane and to the crane driver in his cabin. The walkie talkies are fitted in the qc driver's cabin and at the side of the hatch clerk.

And still your trucks need to go to a holding area upon receiving discharge containers, until they get instructions for planned yard location. And when you change your crane loading plans during the port stay, your operation need to halt and wait for revised bayplans and load/discharged lists to be printed and distributed to the hatch clerk and tally men.

Some of your hatch clerk's instructions as well as own notes and reportings are handwritten on the printed bayplan, and only updated in the central system later.

Now the solution is here: give the hatch clerk, tally men and quay crane driver online access to the graphical bayplans and crane work queue from a graphical tablet device.

The visualiser application support for loading and discharging process:

  • Login
  • Select crane and current bay to visualise it
  • View up-to-date bay plan and crane work queue in a graphical display
  • Quay driver view discharge containers, including planned sequence and hot box priorities in a graphical display tailored for crane cabin strong sun light conditions
  • Hatch clerk update discharge moves by touch screen upon drop on truck
  • Hatch clerk update load moves upon spreader connect, and immediately quay driver screen visually indicate vessel target slot, replacing most audio instructions between hatch clerk and driver
  • Out-of-gauge, twin & quad lifts as well as double cycle moves supported

See how the ARL Quay Crane Visualiser supports your terminal vessel operations in the Quay Crane Visualiser process description. Sign-up for a free online demo - duration is approximately one hour. Download a pdf Quay Crane Visualizer flier. 

And then optional support for additional hatch clerk process securing that the hatch clerk ONLY need his graphical tablet/touch screen device, including validating and updating of seal numbers directly from the touch screen, as well as capturing details about container damage on the spot for the hatch clerk, including taking a photo snap shot of the damage with the handheld device and storing it centrally without delaying the ongoing vessel operation comes on top.


How does the tablet or touch screens device connect to the server?

By use of standard WIFI/ WLAN, which must be installed at the quay side.

Which tablet/ touch screen models can I choose from?

You can choose any handheld device with rugged design for outdoor use with Windows XP/Vista/7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1 (X86 or x64), 1Gb RAM or more, 1.6 Ghz CPU or more, Internet Explorer 8 or newer installed, preferably with touch screen, large enough screen for graphical UI interaction, display suitable for work under sunlight, preferably Wi-Fi and/or 3G/4G/GPRS support, preferably built-in camera, extra batteries with hot swap ability and separate charger to support 24/7 continuous work.



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Certificates certified devices:

Advantech-DLoG PWS-770

 Certificate (439 Kb)

LXE Marathon

 Certificate (640 Kb)

A tablet certified for use with ARL Quay Crane Visualiser software