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Berthing Planner Cloud, EUR 425/ month +EUR 8/ vessel port call*
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Graphical multi-user berth planner sharing a single berthing plan:

  • horizontal berth
  • vertical timeline matrix
  • vessel types, container, general cargo, ro-ro, dry bulk, tanker..
  • berth config, names, colours, berth marks, bollards, mooring buffers
  • plan unavailable berth
  • vessel port calls
  • vessel specs, LOA, beam and vessel type
  • arrival and departure draft condition
  • vessel operator (agent)
  • berthing direction (starboard, portside, beam)
  • drag and drop berth planning in time and space
  • operator, service and port call colouring
  • import calls' schedule from Excel/CSV
  • PDF berthing plan
  • filter berthing plan (selected operators)
  • berthing plan stakeholder distribution

*costs, per month per facility *per call fees for vessel LOA> 50m *fees settled 3 months in advance at all times

Please read Term of Use before checking the mark.