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Breakbulk Logger, Handling Activities, EUR 350/ month per vessel or per site, +EUR 25/ vessel port call
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Real-time breakbulk handling activities Android mobile quayside logging; cloud crane activities log, monitoring dashboard and post-call crane activities performance measurements:

  • cloud Vessel port call define, and crane assignment
  • Partner breakbulk handling activities selection
  • Google Play mobile/phablet app download and self-install
  • Mobile/phablet crane activities real time logging
  • Mobile/phablet online (WiFi or 3G/4G) or offline with sync
  • Breakbulk handling activities logs
  • Breakbulk handling activities monitoring dashboard
  • Breakbulk handling activities performance measurements, with post-call accumulated breakbulk handling activities summaries
  • Breakbulk handling activities logs stakeholder sharing @arl-share.com*
  • Breakbulk handling activities dashboard stakeholder sharing @arl-share.com*
  • Breakbulk handling activities performance measurements stakeholder sharing @arl-share.com*

*collaborating contents or performance measurements automatically with partners entails sign-up for arl-space.com; additional fees applies, if not already signed-up

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