arl Dry Bulk POD
Record dry bulk truck load customer delivery on smartphone. Add photo snapshots of arrival, unloading and cargo condition.

Automatically capture GPS location tag, and timestamp. Sync to cloud for auto POD-PDF report for stakeholders.

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arl Marine Crane Delay Logger
Log crane activities and waiting times in real-time. On a smartphone. From the quay-side or onboard.

Log Crane Activities in Real-Time. Get insight in actual net crane working hours. And reasons for stoppages. Average one minute wait for yard truck for 400 discharge containers for long crane, is several hours vessel delay sailing to next port.

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arl Dry Bulk Weighbridge Tally
Tally weighbridge truckload with photo documentation

Record trucking company, license plate with net volumes on smartphone. No more clipboards.

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arl Dry Bulk Hopper Tally
Tally trucking company and license plate picking up ore, fertilizer, grain and more under the hopper. Sync to cloud for office visibility.

Just smartphone. No more clipboards, no more office typing.

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