arl Car-Carrier Last Mile Tracker
Provide visibility of car-carrier delivery progress on corporate website or social media via chatbot.

Driver's smartphone GPS directly related to concrete vehciles onboard car-carrier transporter.

arl Ro-Ro Decks and Int-Ramps Inspector
Inspect decks and internal ramps and report condition on smartphone with photos and cloud sync

Physical inspection on smartphone while walking the decks, inspecting hoisting mechanisms; automatic capture of GPS location and timestamp, and PDF inspection result in cloud after sync.

arl Vehicle On-demand IoT Tracker
Monitor location of vehicles to be loaded to your port call's neat the port area.

Live map tracking of trucks servicing the vessel. Notification by email or chat if idle away from quay. Or if leaving quay area.

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arl Handling Ramps Inspector
Record survey results of vessel ramps' condition supplemented with photos, and sync'ed to for office visibility.

Auto-capture smartphone GPS location tag and timestamp. Sync survey recordings to cloud for stakeholder auto PDF-reporting.

arl Ro-Ro Roll-Trailer Breakbulk Lasher
Record breakbulk cargo lashing on ro-ro roll-trailer platform before sea voyage, lashing gear details with photo documentation to mitigate cargo or vessel damages claims.

Auto-capture smartphone GPS location tag and timestamp. Sync all recordings to cloud for stakeholder visibilty and reporting.