◢ About You and Your Company
◢ Move Confirmation

Quay Tally Move Confirmation, EUR 475/ month per site or vessel, +EUR 22/ 100 moves
         Include (mandatory)*

Android smartphone(s) with cloud sync, and near-realtime load and discharge shipping line EDI:

  • smartphone apps (unlimited)
  • cloud logins (unlimited)
  • up-to three shipping lines
  • discharge, load and shift moves confirmation
  • load containers'  yard inventory search
  • smartphone to cloud sync
  • planned and unplanned handling
  • cloud container prefix, ISO, operator speed dials per shipping line
  • realtime illogical move warnings
  • cloud call quality report
  • FTP or email EDIs
  • UN/EDIFACT COARRI EDI move confirmations
  • ANSI/X12 322 EDI move confirmations
  • 3 months' handled moves online

*costs, per month per terminal/site *fees settled 3 months in advance at all times

◢ Bayplan
on top of fees for Crane Executor Quay Tally basic and other selected modules.

Import arrival bayplan prior to call, discharge planned containers, export departure bayplan upon handling completion:

  • cloud vessel port call prepare, release and close
  • import UN/EDIFACT BAPLIE arrival condition
  • import UN/EDIFACT BAPLIE discharge list
  • search planned discharge from arrival bayplan
  • realtime bayplan illogical move warnings
  • create UN/EDIFACTBAPLIE EDI departure bayplan
  • if SITREP used ,
  • progress SITREP planned discharge moves-to-go
  • bay SITREP planned discharge moves-to-go
  • special SITREP planned discharge moves-to-go

*costs, per month per terminal/site *fees settled 3 months in advance at all times