Last mile container tracker for your customers
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Last Mile, First Mile: Container Enroute to Warehouse

  • SmartPhone public container tracking, Android, iPhone
  • desktop public container tracking
  • last mile tracking full import container to warehouse
  • first mile tracking empty export container to warehouse
  • transport service provider cloud logins, unlimited
  • idle truck enroute export warehouse tracking
  • idle truck enroute empty depot tracking
  • planned pickup order matching
  • warehouse arrival forecasting
  • arrival forecast exception (delay prompt)
  • nearby warehouse notification
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for last & first mile transport providers, shipping lines, agents, freight forwarders, cargo shippers and consignees

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Public tracking screen can be integrated with transport providers web-site?

yes, you can integrate your tracking screen to your current public website either by linking or imbedding (f.ex. iframe) -your webmaster knows how to do.

Tracking can be queried from anywhere?

Tracking can be queried from any internet connected device, desktop/ laptop, smartphone or tablet iPhone/iPad, Android or Windows/Surface.

Which shipments are tracked from my public tracking page?

Shipments with prefix as setup by you are tracked from your public page, provided the truck driver has initiated tracking.

What does truck driver need?

Truck driver need to bring his Android SmartPhone with GPS switched on, and internet connectivity/3G data plan, for delivery of tracking data while driving.

What should truck driver do?

Download the "Last Mile Container Tracker" from Google Play, install and update his name, plate number and company in his profile.

For each shipment to be tracked, initiate tracking when moving towards container pick-up location by entering shipment id, container number(s) (typed or scan/OCR), and click on milestone icons (container picked up, departing warehouse etc) as they occur.

How does the truck driver know which shipments to track?

Request shipment tracking via Last Mile Container Tracker, when requesting dispatch.

What does it cost?

No upfront license costs.

Only pay a (low) monthly subscription fee depending on the amount of features required. All prices include support, hosting, trucker's smartphone app, cloud software, maintenance and occasional feature upgrades.

Do I pay for support?

Next day response e-mail support is included in the monthly subscription fees.

When is the system available after sign-up?

After you sign-up, an invoice is emailed to you including 3 months subscription fee. Upon receipt of your payment -possibly instantly by credit card- access to the system is provided; you can start right away.

Billing based number of trackings?

Costing is based on monthly number of transports (not specific use of the Last Mile Container Tracking app). Subscription is valid for a transport provider with up to 1,000 monthly shipments within a circle of 400 kilometers.

What are the technical requirements to Android smartphone or tablet?

A phone or tablet with the following specifications -or higher- is fine:

  • Operating system: Android 5.1
  • Screen resolution and size: 480 x 800, 4″
  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM
  • GPS sensor: required
  • Camera: recommended, with autofocus

Screen brightness should be suitable for work under strong sunlight.

What about battery?

Apps are by optimized for low battery use. You can let each new labour-shift carry a new fully charged device (Android smartphones are inexpensive), or provide external battery/ power bank to ensure continuous onsite work.

What are supported barcode standards?

  • EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code-39, Code-93, Code-128, ITF, Codabar
  • QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF-417, AZTEC

Browser support

Cloud apps run in all modern desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers including MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome, browsers based on Chrome engine (Opera, Yandex, Vivaldi), and Safari.

What are the costs for truck driver's data exchange?

The data traffic has been minimised safeguarding the possible costs added to the truck drivers smartphone data scheme. Even for a chargeable data exchange scheme, multi-hour tracking will only result in a few Euro-cents costs. No maps are downloaded to the truck driver's phone.

What if the truck driver works for other transport providers?

Truck driver can use Last Mile Container Tracker for multiple transport providers. The shipment tracking is linked to individual transport providers via the shipment prefix.

How about server and hosting costs?

No servers, server software, hosting plans or IT staff are required; all cloud server costs are included in the monthly subscription and usage fees.

Innovative business apps for ports and shipping; deploy fast without hassle and without investments, that's cloud apps!

Subscription includes support by real people who care about your business; even you subscribe to the cheapest plan.