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Empty Container Gate Moves daily gate moves e-mails reportings, EUR 150/ month per site, +EUR 18/ 100 moves*

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Empty depot or terminal gate moves by truck recorded on Android smartphone for up-to 3 fleet managers on smartphones; auto daily moves reporting by email to fleet managers:

  • unlimited Android smartphones
  • three (3) fleet manager (shipping line/ leasing co) support
  • cloud logins, unlimited
  • cloud self-administration
  • cloud multi-depot administration, unlimited
  • @gate smartphone pairing, unlimited
  • cloud moves list with filtering, sorting, grouping, extracting
  • smartphone(s) to cloud sync
  • smartphone(s) online or offline operation
  • empty gate-in & gate-out support
  • internal fleet manager transfer (positioning) versus customer pick-up/ delivery
  • fleet manager prefix, ISO, container operator speed dials
  • fleet manager loading vessel/voyage, discharge empty export release speed dials
  • container clean recording
  • fleet manager release/booking/accept number recording
  • customer name recording
  • operator recording
  • loading vessel/voyage, discharge port empty export release recording
  • truck carrier and plate id recording
  • cloud fleet manager (shipping line) daily auto-email gate-move report

*first 10,000 moves every calendar year free *costs, per month per depot/site *fees settled 3 months in advance at all times

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