◢ About You and Your Company
If you deploy Marine Logger onboard please specify the vessel fleet size.
◢ Marine Milestones

Marine Milestones Logging, EUR 175/ month per vessel or site
         Include (mandatory)*

real-time Marine Operations Milestones Logging on Android smartphone from onboard or quay-side with cloud sync':

  • Google Play app download to smartphone
  • Android smartphone app
  • smartphone real-time milestones logging
  • smartphone milestones textual comments
  • cloud milestones selection; fleet milestones alignment
  • smartphone vessel marine arrival and maneuvering milestones
  • smartphone vessel pilot ordered timings and marine departure milestones
  • smartphone berth or terminal transfer
  • smartphone bunker volumes, timings & services
  • smartphone canal passage milestones
  • smartphone to cloud logged milestones sync
  • cloud post-call marine and handling performance measurements; waiting time@anchorage, idle before handling start and many more
  • cloud and mobile stakeholder last milestone sharing

*collaboration features provided via supporting arl-share.com platform

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