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Edible Cargoes Tanker Cloud and Smartphone Port Call Timesheet Logging: EUR 250/ month per vessel or site, +EUR 25/ port call

         Include (mandatory)*

real-time marine, handling prep and handling start/ stoppages time logging on Android smartphone with photo documentation, from onboard or quay-side, with cloud sync and office cloud access:

  • Google Play app download to smartphone
  • Android smartphone app (unlimited)
  • cloud logins (unlimited)
  • smartphone real-time milestones logging
  • smartphone milestones textual comments
  • cloud milestones selection; fleet or port milestones alignment
  • vessel marine arrival and departure milestones
  • cargo handling prep, including gases to avoid oxidation
  • cargo handling start, stop, suspend, resume
  • smartphone photo doc of milestones
  • smartphone verbal comments of milestones
  • smartphone to cloud logged milestones and photo sync
  • cloud milestones selection; fleet milestones alignment
  • cloud logged milestones filtering, grouping, sorting, extracting
  • cloud and mobile stakeholder last milestone sharing

*fees settled 3 months in advance at all times *costs per month per site or per vessel

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