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Forestry Cargo Inspections: EUR 150/ month per site +EUR 3/ inspection
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smartphone inspection of forestry cargo' condition with photo documentation; cloud sync, cloud reporting, report distribution:

  • unlimited smartphones
  • smartphones online or offline operation
  • real-time forestry cargo condition inspection

logs, timber and planks
boards, veneer and chips

  • paper rolls, pulp and fibers
  • pellets and fire-wood
  • photo snapshots, unlimited
  • bar code/ QR scanner
  • truck license plate, documents OCR scanner
  • splat chart issue indicator
  • photo finger-marker
  • auto-GPS location and timestamp
  • smartphones to cloud sync
  • auto-inspection PDF-reporting
  • auto-reporting distribution
  • multi-site cloud
  • 3 months operational storage
  • cloud logins, unlimited
  • cloud logins, self-admin
  • own inspection checklist import
  • smartphone configurator in cloud
  • report branding
  • report configurator

*costs, per month per site *fees settled 3 months in advance at all times

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