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General Cargo Warehouse Locator Smartphone and Cloud App, EUR 450/ month per site +EUR 6/ 100 units handled
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real-time warehouse tallying of general cargo picked or dropped, including warehouse location grid and GPS tag; shipper, consignee and cargo details; cloud auto-sync and cloud access to all general cargo tally recordings; photo documentation:

  •     smartphone(s) to cloud sync
  •     smartphone(s) online or offline operation
  •     multi-site cloud
  •     3 months operational storage
  •     smartphone auto-GPS location and timestamp
  •     coils, timber, paper rolls
  •     bags, drums and cartons
  •     bales, pallets and boxes
  •     timestamp, tamper-proof
  •     GPS coordinates, tamper-proof
  •     photos and text comments
  •     cargo unit id OCR
  •     barcode and QR scanning
  •     tally e-report

*costs, per month per site *fees settled 3 months in advance at all times

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