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Cloud Liner Booking, EUR 125/ month, +EUR 0.14 per booking*
         Include (mandatory)*

Cloud liner booking capture and booking confirmation generator:

  • cloud logins, unlimited
  • cloud self-admin
  • customer
  • products and services
  • customer, and shipping parties
  • transport vehicle or timing
  • transport route, pickup and delivery
  • shipping terms
  • document requirements
  • shipment products and volumetrics
  • additional services
  • cargo description, marks & number
  • rates and surcharges
  • booking number auto-assign
  • shipment reference IDs
  • special instructions
  • payment terms
  • execution API
  • external API (account receivable, general ledger)

*costs, per month *fees settled 3 months in advance at all times **costs per booking (all)

Please read Term of Use before checking the mark.