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Marine Crane Inspection, EUR 375/ month per vessel or site +EUR 20 per port call

         Include (mandatory)*

logging inspection results on Android smartphone with cloud sync':

  • Google Play smartphone download
  • Android smartphone app, unlimited
  • cloud login, unlimited
  • cloud port call define
  • cloud inspector-wide check list maintenance
  • check list per crane-type
  • crane selector
  • load chart accuracy
  • boom angle and damage check
  • oil and hydraulic fluids check
  • horn, radio and comms check
  • emergency and safety operations
  • textual comments
  • imbedded photo(s)
  • aggregated inspection result
  • smartphone to cloud sync
  • cloud inspection report with photos
  • stakeholder inspection report sharing

*first 50 port calls every calendar year free *fees settled 3 months in advance at all times *costs per month per site or per vessel

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