◢ About You and Your Company
If you deploy Marine Logger onboard please specify the vessel fleet size.
◢ Noon Reporter

Onboard Noon Reporting on Smartphone with Cloud Sync and Shore API, EUR 99/ month per vessel +EUR 3/ per noon report
         Include (mandatory)*

onboard smartphone noon report data collection and reporting with photo documentation and cloud sync':

  • Google Play app download to smartphone(s), unlimited
  • Android smartphone app
  • smartphone real-time noon reporting
  • smartphone textual comments
  • cloud fleet noon report configurator
  • engines performance
  • fuel consumption per bunker type per engine and equipment
  • wind, wave and swell with photos
  • smartphone to cloud noon report sync
  • cloud stakeholder noon report sharing
  • cloud API to inhouse performance system

*fees settled 3 months in advance at all times *costs per month per vessel

Please read Term of Use before checking the mark.