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Livestock tally on vessel ramp
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cloud sync'ed livestock quay side tally'ing on smartphones, with deck and deck area loading recording

  • Google Play app download
  • Android app for mobile phone or tablet
  • mobile real-time livestock discharge
  • mobile real-time livestock loading
  • mobile loading cargo deck & deck area recording
  • livestock tag/ID recording
  • shipper/ consignee
  • truck/ land vehicle operator and license plate


    • cloud sync handling recordings
    • cloud visibility of vessel handling progress
    • cattle, sheep and camels
    • horses, goat and deer
    • cloud post-call handling volume performance measurements
    • cloud post-call recap
    • cloud post-call handling productivity performance measurements
    • cloud and mobile stakeholder sharing
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    for livestock vessel operators, agents, representatives, port operators, stevedores or tally services



    What about other livestock tallying?

    arl soon also provide livestock tallying apps for gate operation (trucks carrying livestock to/from port) as well as intermodal map tracking for trucks enroute to/from port.

    Why will I love the Livestock Quay Tally app?

    Because all your office work is gone!

    As soon as your quay tally clerks have completed the cargo discharge and load recording on their smartphones, all tally records, including photo documentation, is sync'ed to the cloud for easy reporting and monitoring.

    What, if we handle other cargo types?

    Check out the tally apps for general cargo, ro-ro and bulk cargoes.

    How do I get the app on my smartphone(s)?

    Download from Google Play and click "install".

    When can I start?

    Once you sign-up and settle first invoice you can start right away. Sign up today, start tomorrow. Seriously!

    Who has access to my data?

    All your data belongs to you and is not accessed by any other party. Reports and extracts are shared only with stakeholders you select.

    How does smartphone connect to the server?

    Through a simple internet connection (data packet or wifi).

    Can smartphone be setup to only run this business app?

    Android devices can be switched to "kiosk mode" so only specific applications can run, and users do not have access to other apps on the smartphone, such as calls, social media and browsers.

    What are the costs for sharing the tally records with other systems?

    Standard extract features are available, so you can transfer the tally records to Excel or another in-house system. Likewise, you can share the tally records electronically with the vessel deck crew, the shipping line agent or principal, next port or discharge ports, as well as with the cargo exporter or importer.

    No additional costs!

    Will the costs increase, if I have many tallymen each with a smartphone?

    Subscription fees are fixed per site per month, irrespectively of how many tallymen and smartphones you use.

    How do I setup more smartphones?

    You create additional pairing codes yourself from your cloud login, or ask to assist you.

    Do I pay for support?

    Email support (in English) is included in the monthly fees. Regular upgrade of features is also included.

    Any additional software or hosting costs?

    No server or software is required. The smartphone app is already bundled with a running hosting service. No additional costs.

    Can I request improvements or customizations?

    Your ideas for improvements are welcome! We will assess, if the ideas are relevant for other users, and can be implemented in future versions.

    For how long do I have to commit?

    You settle costs 3 months ahead at all times, and you can cancel anytime. When prepaid payments expire access to the app is removed.

    Can the tally records be extracted and used in other systems?

    Standard extract features are available from your cloud login, so you can transfer the tally records to Excel, or another in-house system. The vessel deck crew, the shipping line agent or principal, next port or discharge ports, as well as with the cargo exporter or importer might also be able to reuse the tally recordings electronically -you can just pass onwards.

    What, if I temporarily have no internet access from the smartphones doing tallying?

    You can continue tallying on the smartphones; the timestamp and GPS location is still recorded in real-time. When the smartphone is again connected to the internet, all outstanding tally records are sync'ed to the cloud.

    What are the technical requirements to Android smartphone or tablet?

    A phone or tablet with the following specifications (or better) is fine:

    • Operating system: Android 7.0
    • Google Play app and Google Services installed.
      Please note: modern Huawei devices do not have these and should not be used.
    • Screen resolution and size: 480 x 800, 4″
    • Memory: minimum 1 GB, recommended 2 GB of RAM
    • GPS sensor: required
    • Camera: recommended, with autofocus

    Screen brightness should be suitable for work under strong sunlight.

    What about battery?

    Apps are by optimized for low battery use. You can let each new labour-shift carry a new fully charged device (Android smartphones are inexpensive), or provide external battery/ power bank to ensure continuous onsite work.

    What are supported barcode standards?

    • EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code-39, Code-93, Code-128, ITF, Codabar
    • QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF-417, AZTEC

    Is my Android device good enough?

    Install and run free AIDA64 app that would show true characteristics of your Android device. Pay attention to Android (OS version), Display (screen resolution), System (memory size), and Devices (cameras info) sections. Remeber some noname devices may forge the system information in system Settings > About phone menu.