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Parcel Liquid Bulk Tally, EUR 250/ month per vessel or site, plus EUR 25 per vessel port call
         Include (mandatory)*

smartphone quay-side or onboard tallying of discharge and load parcel details, including shipper, consignee and commodity details, cargo compartment, terminal and berth name; cloud auto-sync and cloud access to all liquid bulk tally recordings; optional photo documentation:

  •     Google Play app download and self-install to smartphone(s)
  •     Android smartphone app
  •     smartphone pairing(s), unlimited
  •     smartphone quay-side/on-board tallying
  •     parcel ID, shipper, consignee and commodity
  •     handling facility, barge connection
  •     smartphone textual comments
  •     timestamp (non-tamperable)
  •     GPS coordinates (non-tamperable)
  •     smartphone to cloud tally record
  •     cloud logins, unlimited
  •     cloud self-administration, setup and configuration
  •     cloud vessel port call define
  •     cloud tally list
  •     cloud multi-vessel or multi-site administration
  •     3 months cloud storage of tally details

*collaboration features provided via supporting arl-share.com platform *costs, per month per site or per vessel

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