Number of working years, type of company, company name, title. 'none,' if you have no experience.
Link to your profile (you will be added by an team member for access to your working record)
Company name of your current fulltime employer ( will NOT contact this employer)
Description of current full time employer's work (supplier of..., agents for ..., terminal operator for.... )
Often hardhat and reflective vest, sometimes safety shoes, are required by terminal facility for visitors, for your own personal safety.
Describe the port(s) and which area in the port(s) you are ready to do loggings.
Let us know when you are usually available (weekdays, weekends, evening, night, day); commercial vessels operate 24/7.
List shipping companies and terminals you work with regularly (we will avoid assigning you to logging duties where these are involved).
Bank name, bank branch name, code of branch if applicable.
A SWIFT BIC, often just called BIC, is an 8 or 11 character identification code for a particular bank. Your bank's SWIFT BIC may be printed at the top of your bank statements. Or, contact your bank to get their code.