◢ About you and your company
◢ Ro-Ro Handling & Non-Handling Activities

Ro-Ro Handling and Non-Handling Logger, EUR 275/ month per site, +EUR 25/ vessel port call
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Real-time crane activities Android mobile quayside logging; cloud handling and non-handling activities log, monitoring dashboard and post-call crane activities performance measurements

  • cloud 1(one) shipping line setup
  • cloud port call define
  • cloud roro activities selection
  • @quay Google Play mobile/phablet app download and self-install
  • @quay mobile roro activities real time logging
  • @quay mobile online (WiFi or 3G/4G) or offline with sync
  • cloud roro activities logs
  • cloud roro activities monitoring dashboard
  • cloud roro activities port-call performance measurements

*collaboration features provided via supporting arl-share.com platform

◢ Ro-Ro Vehicle Identification
on top of fees for Crane Logger, Crane Activities and other selected modules.

Identify vehicles discharged or loaded:

  • cloud setup of brand, model and colour options
  • @quay logging type, brand, model, colour per unit handled
  • @quay logging deck and lane meter for per unit loaded
  • @quay logging VIN Vehicle Identification Number
  • @quay GTL Global Transport Label id
  • cloud vehicle id handling list
  • cloud vehicle ids handling list sharing*

*collaboration features provided via supporting arl-share.com platform

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