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Last Mile Container Tracker

Last Mile Tracker, EUR 250/ month per transport service provider*
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Public last mile tracking 400km (250 miles) from discharge port to warehouse for cargo unstuffing:

  • public last mile near real-time web map-tracking: desktop, Android/ iPhone/ Win mobile
  • single shipment, multi-truck map display
  • @driver free Android smartphone Google Play tracking app download & install
  • @driver Android smartphone name and truck id profile
  • @driver Android smartphone import shipment id recording & container OCR
  • @driver Android smartphone discharge port tracking start
  • @driver Android smartphone warehouse tracking stop
  • cloud last mile driver tracking PM performance measurement
  • cloud last mile customer tracking query PM performance measurement (simple usage analytics)

*up to 1,000 container per month *collaboration features provided via supporting arl-share.com platform

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