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Trailer Proof-of-Delivery, EUR 100/ month per base port, +EUR 10/ month per vehicle/ driver*, +EUR 22/100 PODs
         Include (mandatory)*

real-time recording of trailer delivery at customer warehouse or yard, with photo documentation and GPS location-link; cloud auto-sync, auto-PDF POD-report, and cloud access to all proof-of-deliveries:

  • smartphone(s) to cloud sync
  • smartphone(s) online or offline operation
  • multi-site cloud
  • 3 months operational storage
  • full trailer warehouse or yard proof-of-delivery
  • trailer ID and driver recording
  • shipment ID
  • trailer condition recording
  • timestamp, tamper-proof
  • GPS coordinates, tamper-proof
  • photos and text comments
  • cargo unit id and truck license plate OCR
  • barcode and QR scanning

*costs, per month per base port *sliding scale (reduced monthly costs) for vehicle fleets above 100 *fees settled 3 months in advance at all times

Please read Term of Use before checking the mark.