arl Container Yard Heat Monitor
Monitor containers' external temperature signature during yard stay days prior to loading for safe shipping of heat sensitive cargoes.

Cloud sync of documented container heat signatures with GPS location tag and timestamp

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arl Container Interchange
Record container pickup or delivery at port or inland facility gate. Add photos documenting pre-existing damages.

Auto-capture GPS location tag and timestamp. Sync to cloud for office visibility and auto-Interchange PDF-report for stakeholders.

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arl Forestry Breakbulk Cargo Flatbed Lasher
Record forestry breakbulk cargo lashing on flatbed truck before intermodal, lashing gear details with photo documentation to mitigate cargo or truck damages claims.

Auto-capture smartphone GPS location tag and timestamp. Sync all recordings to cloud for stakeholder visibilty and reporting.!

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arl Container Last Mile Tracker
Track Containers Live on the Road from Discharge Port to Warehouse

Track containers enroute from discharge port to the warehouse. By online map. By chat. Notification when close to warehouse.

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arl Car-Carrier Last Mile Tracker
Provide visibility of car-carrier delivery progress on corporate website or social media via chatbot.

Driver's smartphone GPS directly related to concrete vehciles onboard car-carrier transporter.