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Crane Activity (Non-Handling, Delays) Logging

  • Container discharge and loadings
  • Meal breaks or shift changes
  • Waiting for trucks, yard equipment or container 
  • Hatch covers and gear boxes handling
  • Weather stoppages
  • OOG, reefer or breakbulk cargo 

  • Cloud sync logged activities
  • Visibility of all logged crane activities
  • Crane activity status monitor
  • Post-call crane activities accumulated performance measurements
  • Stakeholder sharing
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for terminals, port operators, port authorities, shipping lines, agents or representatives



How do I get the Android Crane Logger?

Download from Google Play.

How do I get a cloud login?

Sign-up here.

What are the costs?

From EUR 350 per month, plus EUR 25 per vessel port call. See details here.

Can logs be trusted?

Loggings are solely recorded in real-time from the Android phone; no post-editing or tampering is possible.

When can I start?

After you sign-up and settle first subscription fees, you log the next day.

Who have access to my logs?

Logs are strictly confidential. Only users created by yourself, or parties collaborated with, can view your logs.

What are the costs?

No upfront license costs.

Just a monthly subscription fee, and usage fees depending on number of vessel port calls logged.

All prices include support, hosting, mobile app software, maintenance and regular feature upgrades.

What are the starting costs?

EUR 350 per month, plus EUR 25 per vessel port call.

Do I pay for support?

Next day response e-mail support is included in the monthly subscription fees.

When is the system available after sign-up?

After you sign-up, an invoice will be emailed to you including 3 months subscription fee. Upon receipt of your payment access to the system is provided.

How about server and hosting costs?

No servers or server software is required; all cloud server costs are included in the monthly subscription fees.

Costs for improved features?

Your ideas for improvements are welcome! Improved features are provided regularly -no additional fees.


Qualquer celular ou tablet com as seguintes especificações mínimas:

  •  Sistema operacional: Android 5.1
  • Resolução da tela: 480 x 800, 4″
  • Memória: 1 GB de RAM
  • Sensor GPS: Obrigatório
  • Câmera: Recomendado com autofoco

Atenção ao brilho da tela, deve ser adequado para trabalhos sob luz solar forte. Você também pode considerar bateria para suportar 24 horas de trabalho contínuo.

Does the Crane Logger interact with the terminal TOS, Terminal Operating System?

Optionally provide a free "TOS agent" automatically capturing discharge, load and shift move loggings from the TOS.

Does the Crane Logger work with the Sea Side Crane Executor?

The cloud Crane Executor automatically provide discharge, load and shift move loggings to the Crane Logger.

Crane Logger dashboard
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