Gas Carrier Timesheet Logging on smartphone
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Gas Carrier Timesheet Logging @Smartphone on the Bridge

  • arrival milestones from anchorage to cargo commence
  • pilot embark and disembark
  • tug boats arrive and depart
  • departure milestones from cargo complete to pilot disembark
  • cargo lines/tanks cooling down, inerting, gassing-up
  • loading and discharging milestones
  • gangway
  • immigration and port agent
  • maneuvering cease and commence


    • onboard or onshore logging from Android phone or tablet
    • cloud sync via wifi or 3g
    • auto-refreshed video wall
    • remote monitoring, office video wall, phone or tablet
    • monitor fleet marine operations status
    • monitor port marine operations status
    • exact timings of milestones loggings for port services performance
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