Gas Carrier Timesheet Logging on smartphone
Watch CNN The Silk Road special report featuring arl-built business app.
5:20 – 6:10

Gas Carrier Timesheet Logging @Smartphone on the Bridge

For Stevedore Surveyor Terminal operator Tramp agent Vessel operator Deck crew Exporter Importer Port captain Ship manager

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App Features

Smartphone real-time milestones logging

Cloud milestones selection; fleet or port milestones alignment

Vessel marine arrival and departure milestones

Cargo handling planning and documentation milestones

Tanks, lines and gears status and preparations

Cargo handling start, stop, suspend, resume

Cargo post handling and servicing milestones

Cloud milestones selection; fleet milestones alignment

Cloud logged milestones filtering, grouping, sorting, extracting

Cloud and mobile stakeholder last milestone sharing

Pre-installed multi-tenant cloud

Any browser support

3 months archive


Report branding

Report customization

Reporting auto-distribution

Upload planned activities

Cloud shows over/shortlanded units

Search planned activities/units on smartphone

Barcode/QR scanner

OCR scanner

GPS location tags

GPS timestamp

Photos, unlimited

Photo finger-markings

Text comments

Smartphone(s) online or offline operation

Smartphone(s) to cloud sync

App Google Play download, unlimited


Cloud 3 years' archive

E-certificate cryptographic hash blockchain verification

Messenging (Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp)



e-mail support during business hours included in subscription fees, implementation is fast and easy!

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