Marine Operations Milestones on Video Wall
Watch CNN The Silk Road special report featuring arl-built business app.
5:20 – 6:10

Marine Milestones Logging

For Container fleet operator Deck crew Liner agent Port captain Ship manager Shipping line Tramp agent Vessel operator

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Marine Logger events

Read Marine Logger business case.

App Features

Smartphone real-time milestones logging

Cloud milestones selection; fleet milestones alignment

Smartphone vessel marine arrival and maneuvering milestones

Smartphone vessel pilot ordered timings and marine departure milestones

Smartphone berth or terminal transfer

Smartphone bunker volumes, timings & services

Smartphone canal passage milestones

Cloud post-call marine and handling performance measurements; waiting time@anchorage, idle before handling start and many more

Cloud and mobile stakeholder last milestone sharing

Pre-installed multi-tenant cloud

Any browser support

3 months archive


Report branding

Report customization

Reporting auto-distribution

Upload planned activities

Cloud shows over/shortlanded units

Search planned activities/units on smartphone

Barcode/QR scanner

OCR scanner

GPS location tags

GPS timestamp

Photos, unlimited

Photo finger-markings

Text comments

Smartphone(s) online or offline operation

Smartphone(s) to cloud sync

App Google Play download, unlimited


Cloud voyage system (IMOS or other) API/interface

Cloud timesheet loggings sharing

Electronic deck logbook (K-Log or other) API/interface

Smartphone geo-fencing milestones auto-logging

Cloud port marine map vessel tracking

Cloud 3 years' archive

E-certificate cryptographic hash blockchain verification

Messenging (Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp)