Sync'ed to Cloud
Ro-Ro Condition Recorder on Smartphone
with Photos...
Watch CNN The Silk Road special report featuring arl-built business app.
5:20 – 6:10

ro-ro condition recording on smartphones, damages recordings, with photo documentation, all sync'ed to cloud for office and stakeholders

  • Google Play app download
  • Android app for mobile phone or tablet
  • smartphone overall condition recording
  • clean exterior and interior
  • damage types
  • damage location
  • damage size
  • damage severity
  • photo documentation


    • cloud sync handling recordings
    • cloud visibility of condition reports
    • trailers
    • cars, 4wd, trucks
    • construction and agriculture vehicles
    • cloud post-call handling productivity performance measurements
    • cloud and mobile stakeholder sharing
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    for shipping lines, agents, representatives, terminals, port operators or port authorities