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Project Cargo Port Call Time Sheet Logging

  • onboard or onshore time sheet logging from Android smartphone
  • cloud sync via onboard or shoreside wifi, or 3G/GSM
  • easy input to SOF statement of facts, time sheet extract to BIMCO form
  • milestones online photo documentation, handling stoppages
  • vessel port call progress monitoring on auto-refreshed video wall
  • marine operations status across vessels in fleet
  • port stakeholders collaboration: operator, charterer, agents and terminal
  • port call analytics for efficiency improvements
  • port call auto-performance measurements

  • milestones from EOSP to SOSP, and FWE to EOS
  • planned cargo description
  • NOR notice of readiness submit and accept
  • pilot, tug boats, berthing, mooring, handling
  • cargo barge arrived, ready and depart, tugs arrive and depart
  • onboard, shoreside and floating handling gear ready, SWL checked
  • stowage, stress, stability, trim, deck strength, handling sequence checked
  • weather and tidal forecast checked
  • cargo hold, deck and quay side bedding material ready, lashing, unlashing
  • cargo ready, start, suspend, resume and end handling
  • charterer, operator and MWS surveyor embark, inspect, disembark
  • bunkers before, taken and after call
  • ballast/deballast, and draft before and after call
  • supplies, spares, freshwater, lube oil, sludge operations
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for project cargo vessel operators, terminals, port operators, port authorities, agents and charterers



How do I get the Android Project Cargo Logger?

Download from Google Play.

How do I get a cloud login?

Sign-up here.

What are the costs?

From EUR 250 per month per vessel or site. See details here.

Can logs be trusted?

Loggings are solely recorded in real-time from the Android smartphone; no post-editing or tampering is possible. Geo-location of smartphone is automatically logged together with milestone.

When can I start?

After you sign-up and settle first months subscription fees, you log the next day.

Who have access to my logs?

Project cargo milestone logs are strictly confidential. Users created by yourself, or parties like charterer, terminal operator or agent(s) collaborated with by you, can view your logs.

What are the costs?

No upfront license costs. Just a monthly subscription fee per vessel or site.

Prices include hosting of cloud app, smartphone app, support by real people who care, maintenance and regular feature upgrades.

What are the starting costs?

EUR 250 per month per vessel or per site.

Do I pay for support?

Next day response e-mail support is included in the monthly subscription fees.

When is the system available after sign-up?

After you sign-up, an invoice is emailed to you charging 3 months subscription fees for the vessels or sites you request. Invoice can be settled by bank transfer or credit card. Upon receipt of initial payment, a private and branded cloud login is provided within 24 hours.

How about server and hosting costs?

No servers or server software is required; all cloud server costs are included in the monthly subscription fees.

Costs for improved features?

Your ideas for improvements are welcome! Improved features are provided regularly -no additional fees.

What are the technical requirements to Android smartphone or tablet?

A phone or tablet with the following specifications -or higher- is fine:

  • Operating system: Android 5.1
  • Screen resolution and size: 480 x 800, 4″
  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM
  • GPS sensor: required
  • Camera: recommended, with autofocus

Screen brightness should be suitable for work under strong sunlight.

What about battery?

Apps are by optimized for low battery use. You can let each new labour-shift carry a new fully charged device (Android smartphones are inexpensive), or provide external battery/ power bank to ensure continuous onsite work.

Does the Crane Logger interact with the terminal TOS, Terminal Operating System?

Optionally provide a free "TOS agent" automatically capturing discharge, load and shift move loggings from the TOS.

Does the Crane Logger work with the Sea Side Crane Executor?

The cloud Crane Executor automatically provide discharge, load and shift move loggings to the Crane Logger.


How to minimize data traffic charges?

Android system by itself may generate substantial data traffic which amount depends on phone supplier. The system traffic could be expected in a range of 10-20Mb per month in average. Our recommendations:

  • use phones with lightweight Andriod builds like Google Nexus breed carrying no extra branded software;
  • avoid installation of additional apps, de-install all apps, that can be removed;
  • disable automatic apps update in Google Play;
  • whenever possible use WiFi onboard or in-port;
  • in case of local GSM 3G connection purchase 'unlimited' data package;

Extract loggings from the Project Cargo Logger to Excel or inhouse BI system?

Loggings are extracted manually as CSV files from the cloud app for Excel re-use and adhoc analytics, or automatically fed via FTP to an external Business Intelligence platform structured reporting and corporate KPIs.

Project Cargo Logger performance measurements

e-mail support during business hours included in subscription fees, implementation is fast and easy!

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