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Vessel Temperature Loggings, EUR 175/ month per vessel +EUR 5/ 100 reefer container-days*

         Include (mandatory)

Temperature readings, logged from Android smartphone in vessel bay, sync'ed to office via near-coast roaming 3G or WiFi, or by email

  • cloud fleet admin of trusted devices
  • cloud fleet config of vessel reportings (supply, return, vent and more)
  • cloud fleet config of vessel reportings alarm tolerance
  • cloud fleet config of vessel due timings
  • @onboard EDI: BAPLIE departure bayplan smartphone import
  • cloud config to smartphone sync
  • smartphone to cloud reporting sync via GSM/3G, WiFi or email@sea
  • @onboard smartphone reefer readings per bay & tier
  • @onboard smartphone readings overdue notification
  • @onboard temperature reading and set mismatch smartphone alarm
  • cloud fleet readings overdue alarm
  • cloud fleet temperature mismatch alarm
  • cloud reefer loggings 3 months archive
  • cloud fleet alarm monitor video wall (auto-refreshed)

*accumulated number of days with reefer container recordings *first 50,000 container days every calendar year free *fees settled 3 months in advance at all times *monthly costs per vessel

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