Monitor Reefer Containers
Watch CNN The Silk Road special report featuring arl-built business app.
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Reefer Container Onboard Monitoring

  • cloud fleet administration with trusted onboard @mobile
  • onboard departure bayplan import
  • onboard temp readings cloud sync via GSM/3G, WiFi or email@sea
  • onboard reefer readings per bay & tier @mobile
  • onboard power connection log after departure
  • onboard textual comments, alarm code capturing
  • onboard readings overdue phone alarm
  • onboard power log overdue mobile alarm
  • onboard temperature mismatch mobile alarm

  • cloud fleet readings overdue alarm
  • cloud fleet power log after departure overdue alarm
  • cloud fleet booking list & bayplan mismatch alarm
  • cloud fleet actual temperature mismatch alarm
  • cloud reefer loggings list
  • cloud vessel dashboard
  • cloud vessel logging performance measurements
  • cloud fleet monitor video wall (auto-refreshed)
  • cloud feeder to deep sea line shared loggings
  • cloud vessel operator to VSA/ alliance partner shared loggings
  • cloud port/veterinarian authorities shared loggings
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for reefer container shipping lines and feeder operators