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Empty Yard Tally, EUR 375/ month per yard/depot +EUR 2/ 100 empty container-days*
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manage containers in yard on Android SmartPhone:

  • cloud logins, unlimited
  • Android smartphones, unlimited
  • self-admin of trusted devices
  • three (3) lines (or other fleet manager)
  • default container number prefixes, ISOs, 20'/40' empty weights per fleet manager setup
  • smartphone to cloud sync
  • smartphone online or offline
  • yard location
  • clean status
  • repair status
  • query, details visibility
  • cloud config speed dial
  • empty stock dashboards
  • daily and monthly activity recap
  • photos and text comments
  • container number OCR

*accumulated number of days empty containers on yard during calender month *first 100,000 container days every calendar year free *fees settled 3 months in advance at all times *monthly costs per site

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