Smartphone on Yard
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Empty Stock and Damaged Containers Reports
Empty Stock auto-email to Shipping Line Agent
Smartphone on Yard
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Watch CNN The Silk Road special report featuring arl-built business app.
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Container Yard Services and Tallying on Smartphone

  • cloud logins, unlimited
  • cloud-tablet/phone sync via 3G or wifi
  • Android tablet/phones, unlimited
  • logging moves in yard
  • update stock from gate-moves
  • update stock from quay-moves
  • list of containers on yard
  • summary stock per fleet manager (shipping line)
  • empty container split per grade
  • clean and food grade containers recording
  • cloud empty stock per size/type
  • VGM certificate issuing, EDIFACT: VERMAS
  • demurrage calculations
  • weekly or monthly storage days per fleet manager (shipping line)
  • long-standing online reporting
  • share stock and reporting with fleet manager (shipping line)
  • load list execution summary
  • interface with Crane Executor app, if in use
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for inland depots, ICDs, small & medium size port facilities, shipping lines, agents, container fleet operators

Phone real-time yard-moves turned into container fleet manager (shipping line) EDIs


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