Smartphone on Yard
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Empty Stock and Damaged Containers Reports
Empty Stock auto-email to Shipping Line Agent
Smartphone on Yard
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Container Yard Services and Tallying on Smartphone

  • cloud logins, unlimited
  • cloud-tablet/phone sync via 3G or wifi
  • Android tablet/phones, unlimited
  • logging moves in yard
  • update stock from gate-moves
  • update stock from quay-moves
  • list of containers on yard
  • summary stock per fleet manager (shipping line)
  • empty container split per grade
  • clean and food grade containers recording
  • cloud empty stock per size/type
  • VGM certificate issuing, EDIFACT: VERMAS
  • demurrage calculations
  • weekly or monthly storage days per fleet manager (shipping line)
  • long-standing online reporting
  • share stock and reporting with fleet manager (shipping line)
  • load list execution summary
  • interface with Crane Executor app, if in use
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for inland depots, ICDs, small & medium size port facilities, shipping lines, agents, container fleet operators



What, if no internet in the yard?

The gate cleck confirm moves on the phone or tablet in the gate in realtime, as the container is passing the gate. The confirmed moves are kept on the phone, sync'ed to the cloud app server for EDI'ing to the fleet manager (shipping line) whenever 3G or wifi is available, f.ex. when back in the office using office-WiFi, maintaining the real-time captured gate-move timestamps.

Why will the fleet manager (shipping line) love this?

The container fleet manager (shipping line) receives standard EDI messages, which are processed automatically and fast by inhouse container tracking system. No manual work, and internal tracking system is updated within minutes.

Why will you love this?

Aside from making your customer (container fleet manager) happy, without investing in expensive IT platforms, you save all efforts of manual reporting of gate moves and producing of daily stock lists to your customers.

Which Phones or Tablets?

See Technical and integration section below.

What does it cost?

No upfront license costs.

Only pay a (low) monthly subscription fee depending on the amount of features required. All prices include support, hosting, handheld app software, cloud software, EDI messenger, maintenance and occasional feature upgrades.

Do I pay for support?

Next day response e-mail support is included in the monthly subscription fees, including assistance setting up EDI messaging to individual container fleet managers (shipping lines).

When is the system available after sign-up?

After you sign-up, an invoice is emailed to you including 3 months subscription fee. Upon receipt of your payment -possibly instantly by credit card- access to the system is provided; you can start right away.

How about server and hosting costs?

No servers, server software, hosting plans or IT staff are required; all cloud server costs are included in the monthly subscription and usage fees.

Costs for improved features?

Your ideas for improved features are welcomed! Improved features are included in new versions automatically deployed regularly -no additional fees -additional subscription for new modules may be applied.

Assistance for setting up EDI interfaces with the shipping lines?

Support for setting up EDI links with container fleet managers (shipping lines) is part of the free support.

Is the Yard Tally a stand-alone app?

The Yard Tally is a distributed app deployed on Android phones or tablets, interacting via asynchronous data transfers with the cloud Yard Tally server.

The tablets and the cloud Yard Tally app is used without any local systems in the depot.

What are the technical requirements to Android smartphone or tablet?

A phone or tablet with the following specifications -or higher- is fine:

  • Operating system: Android 5.1
  • Screen resolution and size: 480 x 800, 4″
  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM
  • GPS sensor: required
  • Camera: recommended, with autofocus

Screen brightness should be suitable for work under strong sunlight.

What about battery?

Apps are by optimized for low battery use. You can let each new labour-shift carry a new fully charged device (Android smartphones are inexpensive), or provide external battery/ power bank to ensure continuous onsite work.

What are supported barcode standards?

  • EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code-39, Code-93, Code-128, ITF, Codabar
  • QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF-417, AZTEC

Browser support

Cloud apps run in all modern desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers including MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome, browsers based on Chrome engine (Opera, Yandex, Vivaldi), and Safari.

How are the tablets sync'ing with the cloud server?

By use of standard 3G or WiFi.

How many container fleet manager (shipping lines) can the Yard Tally handle?

All. Whereas the basic Yard Tally is for 1(one) container fleet manager (shipping line), there is no limit to the amount of container fleet managers supported by the Yard Tally, as long as you have signed up for container fleet managers optional features.

Billing based on gate moves?

All gate moves logged by the Yard Tally are provided in a cloud list, which can be downloaded by a single click, and used as invoice attachment. Container operator moves count performance measurements are automatically generated.

Phone real-time yard-moves turned into container fleet manager (shipping line) EDIs
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