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Fix BAPLIE in the cloud
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login to cloud app from any desktop or laptop computer.


cloud upload and fixing of BAPLIE; download fixed BAPLIE


low monthly usage fees. zero investments. cloud software, servers, hosting & support included.

immediate fix of errornous BAPLIE

  • cloud login, unlimited
  • upload of defect BAPLIE
  • corrections settings
  • detect and correct common BAPLIE defects
  • weight segment corrections
  • temperature correction
  • header corrections
  • correction summary
  • detailed corrections display
  • download of corrected BAPLIE
  • log of corrected BAPLIEs
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for ports, terminals, stowage coordinators and container vessel deck crews



What, if no internet onboard?

No internet required to run app. Install the app while smartphone is internet connected; after installation and registration, no internet connection is required.

How to connect to onboard stowage computer?

Connect by USB cable in deck office. Transfer bayplan from stowage computer to smartphone before doing the physical bay inspections.

How is bay navigation done?

Bay navigation is reflecting the physical tier-by-tier inspection done by deck crew.

Which Phones?

Read Technical & Integration section below.

What does it cost?

Viewer is free. Forever. For any container vessel.

Only pay a (low) monthly subscription fee optional editing capability and other add-on features. All prices include support, handheld app software, cloud software, maintenance and occasional feature upgrades.

Do I pay for support?

Next day response e-mail support is included in the monthly subscription fees..

When is the system available after sign-up?

Immediately, upon Google Play download, installation and registration.

Costs for improved features?

Your ideas for improved features are welcomed! Improved features are included in new versions automatically deployed regularly -no additional fees -additional subscription for new modules may be applied.

What are the minimal technical requirements to Android device?

Any phone or tablet with the following minimal specifications would be ok:

  • Operating system: Android 5.1 or newer
  • Screen resolution and size: 480 x 800, 4″
  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM
  • GPS sensor: required
  • Camera: recommended with autofocus

Screen brightness should be suitable for work under strong sunlight. You can also consider external battery or power bank to ensure 24x7 continuous work.

How is app installed on smartphone?

App is downloaded from Google Play and after registration with your name and vessel details, is installed on your Android phone. After initial installation, no internet connection is required.

Innovative business apps for ports and shipping; deploy fast without hassle and without investments, that's cloud apps!

Subscription includes support by real people who care about your business; even you subscribe to the cheapest plan.