EDIs or Daily Gate Move Report to Fleet Manager
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SmartPhone in Gate
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OCR, comments, photos, e-EIR..
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Container Moves at Gate Recorded on Smartphone

  • Android smartphone(s)
  • fleet manager (shipping line) support
  • smartphone to cloud sync
  • smartphone online or offline operation
  • empty and full gate-in & gate-out support
  • container prefix (common lease container prefix predefined) speed dial
  • ISO (selected ISOs predefined) speed dial
  • grade (predefined) speed dial
  • container clean recording
  • fleet manager release/ booking/ accept number recording
  • customer name recording
  • operator recording
  • loading vessel/voyage, discharge port empty export release recording
  • truck plate id recording
  • cloud fleet manager (shipping line) daily (noon) auto-email gate-move report
  • cloud login
  • near-realtime fleet manager (shipping line) EDIFACT CODECO gate moves
  • near-realtime fleet manager (shipping line) ANSI/ X12 322 gate moves
  • cloud EDI messaging monitor
  • daily gate traffic per fleet manager (shipping line) performance measurement
  • monthly gate traffic per fleet manager (shipping line) performance measurement
  • OCR container number auto-scanning
  • photo documentation
  • e-EIR Interchange Receipt
  • verbal and audio comments
  • interface with Crane Executor app, if in use
  • full gate moves
  • rail and barge support
  • chassis recording
  • weight and VGM (verified-gross-mass) support
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for inland depots, ICDs, small & medium size port facilities, shipping lines, agents, container fleet operators

Phone real-time gate-moves turned into container fleet manager (shipping line) EDIs


Container grades

VGM support

Damages documentation

Rail gate support

Container number OCR



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