Haulier Smartphone, Sync, e-Report
Cargo Proof-Of-Delivery with Photos, GPS, Timestamp and QRs
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container proof-of-delivery from smartphone(s), auto-capture GPS location and time, add photos, all sync'ed to cloud for office and stakeholders reporting

  • Google Play app download and self-install to smartphone(s)
  •  Android smartphone app
  •  smartphone self pairing(s) new drivers
  •  full container warehouse import proof-of-delivery
  •  empty container warehouse pickup
  •  smartphone container ID recording
  •  smartphone shipment ID recording
  •  smartphone container condition recording


    • smartphone photo snapshot(s)
    • smartphone automatic timestamp (non-tamperable) recording
    • smartphone automatic GPS coordinates (non-tamperable) recording
    • smartphone to cloud delivery details and photo sync
    • cloud logins, unlimited
    • cloud self-administration, setup and configuration
    • cloud container proof-of-delivery PDF report with photos
    • 3 months cloud storage of container proof-of-delivery
    • stakeholder sharing of container proof-of-delivery
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    for hauliers, carrier haulage providers, trucking companies, shipping lines, agents, representatives or freight forwarders



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