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Container Gate Moves: Yearly schemes down to EUR 0.5 per empty move; EUR 1.0 per full move*
 Include (mandatory)

depot, ICD or port terminal gate moves by truck, rail or barge gate recorded on Android smartphone with 100% automated cloud EDIs, stock reports, Excel move reports, EIRs and more:

  • cloud logins, Android smartphones, unlimited
  • self-admin of trusted devices
  • cloud and smartphones self-admin
  • smartphone(s) to cloud sync
  • smartphone(s) online or offline operation
  • container status with photos and text comments
  • container number, licence plate, seal OCR, barcode/QR scanning
  • ready-for-pickup , ready-for-load dashboard
  • 3 months digital cloud archive

*minimum fees per depot/site *fees settled 3 months in advance at all times

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