Access to bayplan on the go
In-Bay Bayplan Viewer
Watch CNN The Silk Road special report featuring arl-built business app.
5:20 – 6:10

Mobile bayplan, in your pocket..

  • Android smartphone onboard vessel
  • transfer bayplan BAPLIE from stowage
    computer by cable
  • dashboard summary with containers per bay
  • bay & tier selector
  • slot-by-slot slider same tier, for easy
    physical inspection
  • container bayplan visibility
  • payable add-on: smartphone editor with
    stowage computer re-import

in-bay container slot smartphone visibility:

  • container number
  • ISO
  • operator
  • load
  • discharge/ delivery
  • full/ empty
  • weight, VGM yes/no
  • live reefer, temp settings
  • IMO/ hazardous details
  • OOG details
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for container vessel deck crew tired of carrying clipboard around all cargo bays..



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